Why You Need the Essential Oils Desk Reference

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There are hundreds of beneficial essential oils that are used in aromatherapy, for medicinal purposes and to clean homes. Some are extracted from herbs, some from flowers and others from fruit. The introduction to the world of essential oils usually begins with someone trying one and discovering its amazing effectiveness. It is easy to get carried away with purchasing oils and then overwhelmed with them. Here are some starter tips to avoid this type of scenario.

Keep it Simple

Start by only purchasing only the basic oils that have a variety of uses and do not add to the collection until they have been sampled in a number of ways. Some great options to begin with include tea tree oil, peppermint oil, and lavender. These three will provide some cold and sinus remedies, a useful antiseptic and some aromatherapy options. They are safe to combine or use alone.

Learn About Storage

Pure essential oils do not last forever. Proper storage lengthens their shelf life. Avoid leaving the bottles in direct sunlight, keep the bottles tightly closed and in their original containers and do not allow them to be stored when children have access to them. Essential oils are very concentrated and can burn the skin and some are dangerous if taken internally. Learn the expected shelf life of each and only buy amounts that will be easily used in that period of time.

Use Reliable Information

The Internet is full of outrageous claims and unsafe suggestions for essential oils. Avoid using blogs or websites that tout the benefits too highly or seem to only offer solutions when they have a product to sell. Invest in the essential oils desk reference and keep detailed notes about personal experiences. Add any mixtures attempted and successes or failures when using oils for any purpose. Eventually, all of this experimenting will make using the oils daily an automatic step rather than a research project.

Finally, avoid purchasing oil online or in a shop from anyone except a very reputable seller. Diluted oils and counterfeits are common. They will not have the same benefits, will waste money and may be dangerous. Seek out a trusted seller or two and use them for all purchases.