What is a Paleo Diet?

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A Paleo diet is one that focuses on healthy eating that avoids processed foods. The name comes from the concept of eating more like ancestors to improve health and well-being. Many of the foods consumed today lack nutrients, cause allergies, and are genetically modified. The amount of processed foods eaten contributes to weight gain, chronic conditions, diseases, and depression. Refined sugar, coffee, processed foods, cereal grains, and dairy products, among others have very little nutritional value and can deplete the body of energy, as well as increase risks for obesity, cancer, heart conditions, and mental illness.

Eating real, natural, and unprocessed foods can also help alleviate pain, arthritis, migraine headaches, and poor circulation. Those conditions are caused by inflammation, which is exacerbated by chemicals, dyes, and preservatives. Fatigue and depression are increased by chemicals and processed sugar, as is diabetes. The diet allows fish and seafood, grass-fed meats, nuts and seeds, eggs, healthy oils, and fruits and vegetables. Some people elect to include small amounts of dairy products in their diet plans and still consider it a Paleo diet.

People hesitate to begin eating this healthy because they do not want to give up their favorite foods. . What they do not realize is that there are substitutions for certain ingredients, along with easy recipes, that can be used to make healthier versions of many processed foods, as well as sweet favorites. Those interested can click here for recipes that include apple pie, sandwich bread, pancakes, chocolate donuts, diner rolls, and lemon glazed pound cake, among others.

Some are concerned about higher food costs. Grocery prices are rising all the time, and it is the healthier products that tend to cost the most money. Hot dogs, for example, are lower in price than organic turkey in the deli section. Organically grown strawberries will cost more than apples that have been subjected to pesticides and chemical washing to provide a shiny peel. Resources available online include Paleo diet shopping lists, eating on a budget, easy meals, and even how to stick to the diet in restaurants. Discover how easy and tasty it is to eat healthier while enjoying increased energy and better overall health.