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Looking for the Best Flea Treatment or Flea Medicine for Your Pet

The fleas are definitely a very common problem for the pet owners. They would infest all kinds of pets but they are quite common in cats and dogs. Treating your pets for these fleas and controlling them once they are fully eliminated is quite important in order to keep your family and pet safe from those nasty parasites. But, there are so many medications and also methods that you can choose from. So how can you know that you have really found the right product for your pet? Well, the first thing that you must do is that you should be familiar with the many flea meds that are available in the market. You should also learn how these actually work to control the pests.

Know that the original flea control product is actually in the form of a collar. Such flea collars were actually launched in 1964 and they were just the only method to control those fleas on pets for many years. Well, they are still very popular since they are considered to be safe. However, there are also many who question if they are really effective. The flea collars actually work through releasing a chemical that spreads gradually across the fur. Well, this means that the area that is nearest to the collar gets the most protection but the areas which are farthest can have the least protection. A great advantage with the flea collar is that such works in stopping the tick bites since the ticks often attack the ears, head and the neck.

The flea topicals were certainly a major breakthrough. These are actually liquid flea medications that are used on the pet’s back with just a drop or two. The topicals are quite popular and there are many well-known brands that you can certainly find out there. These are really effective when it comes to controlling such fleas and ticks. Know that you the topicals should be prescribed first by your local vet and you can then buy later without prescription.
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Also, there are the oral flea medicines which come in liquid form or the pill form and they would work inside out. They would make the pests come out from your pet’s skin and kill those ticks and fleas. These medicines only have a limited effect unlike the topicals and a single dosage would last for only a few days. But, there could be side effects and also the risk that such treatment would get weak when this would reach the skin.A Brief History of Dogs