Keep The Water Quality High In A Pond

Maintaining the water quality in ponds is not always easy. One way to keep the pond aerated and help water quality levels is to install an aerator or a pond fountain. A pond fountain can add interest and beauty to a pond while improving the water quality. These pond fountains can be found in private home ponds, golf course ponds, and commercial property ponds. Pond fountains of different kinds improve the water quality and decrease the insect population. Stagnant ponds can deteriorate and smell unpleasant.

Pond Fountains Work In Different Types Of Ponds

Pond fountains or aeration systems work in all types of ponds to clear the water and to add oxygen to the water. Some kinds of ponds that need pond fountains include natural ponds, fish ponds, landscape built ponds, and stormwater ponds. Stagnant ponds can become a magnet for insects, algae, and bad smells. Adding a pond fountain moves the water around and adds fresh oxygen to the water. This improves water quality by making the water oxygenated and supportive of bacteria that biodegrade pond sludge.

Fishponds benefit from pond fountains and aeration systems because the fish and other life in the pond need the extra oxygen in the water to be healthier. All ponds benefit from fountains because they reduce algae by decreasing the excess nutrients in the water. The splashing water forces surface algae underwater where it can’t get enough sunlight to grow. A pond with a fountain is less likely to become a breeding ground for insects.

Types Of Pond Fountains

There are different brands and types of pond fountains available.

  • Decorative pond fountains are chosen for aesthetic benefits. They come in different sizes with a variety of nozzles for different spray patterns. These patterns can include starbursts, single jets, or cascading tiers. The jets can be up to 20 feet high.
  • Aeration pond fountains still provide beauty but their more important function is aeration. These fountains move a larger volume of water providing more aeration for the pond. They are a better pick for larger ponds.

The size, depth, and shape of a pond will influence the choice of pond fountain. Round ponds do well with fountains but irregularly shaped ponds may need under-surface aerators added in remote areas. For additional information, go to the website.