Tool to Kitchen Gardening

Traditionally, pots made of terracotta were used for gardening purposes, but later plastic pots and window boxes also added up to the trend of container gardening. This method of plantation at home has become common because these days most growing space is paved over. Along with limited growing area in the house, there is a possibility that the soil or climate at your home may not be suitable enough for gardening. Most people prefer container gardening for herbs and flower plants.

How is container gardening done?

There are several kinds of containers available in the market today such as terracotta and plastic pots, wood and clay pots, fancy teacups and containers equipped with automatic-watering irrigation system. With such variety and flexibility in designs, container gardening has started achieving popularity today to an unimaginable extend. Such gardening is seen on porches, sides of the front-doors, balconies as well as on the rooftops. One thing for all plant lovers and gardeners to keep in mind is that potting material should always be loose and should allow drainage of excessive water from the containers. The roots should have space to breathe to prevent them from rotting.

What are the advantages of container gardening?

Various types of plants such as decorative flowers especially roses, herbs, cacti, vegetables and small-size trees are suitable for the container gardening. The major advantages of growing plants in a container are:

  • Reduction in the risk of diseases borne from the soil
  • Elimination of any sort of weed problems virtually
  • Mobilizing of plants help them to control soil moisture, sunlight as well as the temperature

What do I require for container gardening?

Obviously, a container in the first place is required for container gardening, but here’s when you question everyone; which kind of container would be suitable for your plant? This completely depends on the plant you have chosen for gardening. For example, if it is beans then it would be a window box of 5 gal and if it would be cucumber then you would need any pot of 1 gal. After you have chosen the right container for your plant; it’s time for a planting medium. Equal parts of sand, loamy garden soil and peat moss is the right planting medium for pot gardening.

Plantation and spacing is also another significant step while planting seeds in the ready soil. Next is the most important step without which your plants can die – watering. Some vegetables may need watering daily while some may need them twice or thrice a week. This completely depends on the size of the container and weather conditions. There are many different kinds of formulated fertilizers also available in the market that enhance container gardening; but again if you are looking for an organic gardening you shouldn’t be using them.