Various Inspirations and Ideas for Gardening

There are plenty of gardening plans to consider. Homeowners can look up ideas on the Internet or watch television programs that showcase gardening styles and tips. There are even movies that can give ideas. It is worthy to note that elegant gardening styles have existed long ago in Ancient Mesopotamia, Greece and Rome; gardens throughout Asia have their own distinct styles.

Distinctively East Asian gardens have a minimalistic edge comparable to postmodernist trends. Asian gardens are characterized by careful locations of well-manicured grass, shrubs, and manipulated trees. These are sometimes accentuated with small ponds with artificial falls with real mountain rocks or potted miniature trees called bonsai. Topiaries are widely used among East Asian-inspired gardens.

Topiaries are plants-shrubs or small trees-trimmed to form artful shapes. East Asian gardens tend to have curved or rounded topiaries; these follow the idea that there are no straight lines in nature. In French- or Victorian-inspired gardens, however, geometrical shapes are trendy. In historical locations, there are gardens with triangular or quadrilateral hedges with round or egg-shaped ones accentuating the scenery.

Victorian gardens in modern settings tend to have a gothic feel. The topiaries accentuate rows of rose hedges or willows. Some Victorian-inspired gardens look excellent with cobblestone walkways lined with delphinium or miniature roses. There are many plants that could be shaped into topiaries-young banyan trees, Chinese holly, olive trees, and myrtle are some examples.

Some homeowners haveĀ gardening plansĀ to collect flowering plants, notably orchids. Orchids comprise of a diverse family of flowers that come in many shapes and sizes; the stalks and leaves grow differently for each species. Some orchid species look good supported on purposely shaped tree stumps, while others fit perfectly in a tiny bowl. The vanilla is a type of orchid famous for its sweet fruit extracted for confectionary.

If orchids are a handful to manage, there are easy-to-tend flowering plants that look excellent as colorful beds that can be used to line concrete or cobblestone pathways. Spireas, azaleas, and hydrangeas are beautiful lining for pathways. These look good when the pathways are also lined with small trees or large plants like yellow bells.